Staff Library

Below is a list of books and resources available from our PACT staff library.

If you would like to loan any resources please contact the librarian at PA for more information.

Resource Type Author
Coaching in Schools DVD Mike Hughes
How to Teach DVD Phil Beadle
101 Coaching Strategies & Techniques Book Gladeana McMahon & Anne Archer
Who Moved My Cheese? Book Dr Spencer Johnson
The Confidence Plan Book Sarah Litvinoff
Building Self Confidence for Dummies Book Kate Burton
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Book Steven R Covey
Coaching for Performance Book John Whitmore
Coaching Successfully Book John Eaton & Roy Johnson
Eat That Frog! Book Brian Tracy
Our Iceberg is Melting Book John Kotter
How to be an Amazing Teacher Book Caroline Bentley-Davies
Improving Classroom Performance Book Stephen Chapman, Steve Garnett & Alan Jervis
Learning to Learn in Practice Book Alistair Smith, Mark Lovatt & John Turner
The Primary Learner's Toolkit Book Jackie Beere
The Secrets of Success in Coaching Book Mike Cope
Coaching Pocketbook Book Ian Fleming
Emotional Intelligence Book Daniel Goleman
The Little Book of Coaching Book Kenneth Blanchard
Coaching in Schools Book Mike Hughes
The Naked Coach Book David Taylor
High Performers Book Alistair Smith
The Essentials of School Leadership Book B Davies
Negotiating for Dummies Book Michael C Donaldson
The Essential Guide to Coaching & Mentoring Book Judith Tolhurst
Coaching Solutions - Resource Book Book Will Thomas
We Don't Play With Guns Here: War, Weapon
and Superhero Play in the Early Years
Book Penny Holland
Coaching and Reflecting Pocketbook Book Peter Hook, Ian Mcphail & Andy Vass
Improving Classroom Performance:
Practical Applications for Effective Teaching
and Learning
Book Stephen Chapman, Steve Garnett & Alan Jervis
Coaching Solutions: Practical Ways to
Improve Performance in Education
Book Will Thomas, Alistair Smith
Coaching Solutions Resource Book Book Will Thomas
Coaching for Performance Book  John Whitmore
The Secrets of Success in Coaching Book Mick Cope
Leadership and the One Minute Manager Book Ken Blanchard
Brilliant Communication Skills Book Gill Hasson
The One Minute Apology Book Ken Blanchard & Margret McBride
The One Minute Manager Builds
High Performing Teams
Book Ken Blanchard
The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey Book Ken Blanchard
Brilliant Influence Book Mike Clayton
Emotional Intelligence Book  Daniel Goleman
Thinking, Fast and Slow Book Daniel Kahneman
I Am Malala Book Malala Yousafzai
Resilience Book Liggy Webb
The Power of Diveristy Book Barbara Prashnig
Leading the Learning School Book Colin Weatherley
Learning Styles in Action Book Barbara Prashnig
The ALPS Approach Resource Book Book Alistair Smith & Nicola Call
Coaching Solutions Book Will Thomas
Teaching Backwards Book Andy Griffith & Mark Burns
Visible Learning for Teachers Book John Hattie
Educating the More Able Student Book Martin Stephen and Ian Warwick
Out of Our Minds Book Ken Robinson
The Three Levels of Leadership Book James Scouller
The Element Book Ken Robinson
Happy Adults  Book Cathy Glass
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Book Patrick Lencioni
The Mindset of Success Book Jo Owen
The Motivation Manifesto Book Brendon Burchard
Finding Your Element Book Ken Robinson
The Chimp Paradox Book Prof. Steve Peters
What Makes a Great School? A Practical Formula for Success Book Andy Buck
Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Book Simon Sinek
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Leadership Book Various
The Essentials of School Leadership Book Brent Davies
Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges Book Amy Cuddy
Mindset: How You Can Fulfill Your Potential Book Carol Dweck
Nurture: The Team Development Manual for First-Time Line Managers Book John Newton
Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities that Make Us Influential Book John Neffinger
Don't Change the Light Bulbs Book Rachel Jones
How to Mind Map Book Tony Buzan
Headstrong Book Sally Coates
The New Leaders Book Daniel Goleman
Brave PAs: The Ultimate Guide to Being Outstanding in a Tough Job Book Angela Barry
Self-Improving School: The Journey to Excellence Book Roy Blatchford & Rebecca Clark
Turn the Ship Around! Book L. David Marquet
The Virgin Way Book Richard Branson
The New Leaders Book Daniel Goleman
Leadership Matters: How leaders at all levels can create great schools Book Andy Buck
The Six Secrets of Change Book Michael Fullan
Leading Change Book John P. Kotter