Board of Trustees


Name Trustee Type Connections to Staff Term of Office Start Term of Office End Other School Governor Posts Held Business Interests Declared
Mrs Sue Knottenbelt Chair None 22.04.2016 30.09.2024 None None
Mr Sajid Gulzar  PACT CEO/Accounting Officer None 31.08.2015 Ex officio None

Head Teacher Board. Board member on Asian Business Chambers of Commerce since Feb 2020, ATLP Leadership Advisory  Group Teaching School Board and ASCL since Sept 2021

Mr Taheer Afzal Trustee None 18.12.2018 17.12.2022 Governor at KE VI since Sept 2017

BSS&Co Accountancy Services since 31.10.2017. Darlaston Taxshot Ltd since 06.04.2006. Monthgomery Taff Ltd since 09.08.2017. Essential Stationary since 16.07.2015. 7T3 Ltd since 21.06.2010. Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Eng and Wales since  May 2002

Mr Darrin Hill Trustee  None 25.04.2019 24.04.2023 None

Director or Redlane Consultancy since 01.07.2014 . Ocean Management (1) Ltd since 01.01.2019

Mrs Paulette Osbourne Trustee None 30.09.2020 29.09.2024 Forward Education Trust since August 2021

Director of OE Solutions Ltd since 2015

Mr Qasim Majid Trustee None 26.10.2020 25.10.2024 None

CEO of WOW Group of Companies Ltd since 05.07.2018. Artwork creative Ltd since 24.09.2020. Raw Jam Ltd since 23.01.2019. Wowdot CIC since 15.07.2021. Birmingham Tech since 07.08.2019. Has also done some artwork for PACT

Mrs Herminder Channa Trustee None 10.03.2021 09.03.2025 None

BCG Woods Limited - 4th April 2012, BCG Lakes Limited - 4th April 2012, Fibress Limited  - 15th February 2005

Mr Matthew Hodgson Trustee None 24.05.2021 23.05.2025 None



Chief Financial Officer            
Matthew Douglas N/A None N/A N/A None Trustee at Renewal Christian Centre
Member of CIPFA


Attendance Records
PACT Governance Attendance Records 2020/2021
PACT Governance Attendance Records 2019/2020
PACT Governance Attendance Records 2018/2019
PACT Governance Attendance Records 2017/2018
Attendance Records 2016/2017



Member Name Member Connections to Staff Became a Member on  Ceased to be a Member on Other Posts Held Business Interests Declared
Mr Shahinul Islam Original Member None 1st September 2015   None Managing Director of IB Engineering Ltd since 2013
Miss Najma Razaq Original Member None 1st September 2015   None Birmingham Ethnic Education Advisory Service (BEEAS)
Mr Qaiser Zaman Appointed None 12th November 2018   None  None 
Mr Taheer Afzal Trustee None 19th November 2018   Trustee at King Edwards VI BSS&Co and Darlaston Taxshot, 7T3 Ltd, ICAEW- Nov 2017
Mr Mark Fitch Appointed None 20th December 2019    Trustee at Central Schools trust and Chair of BCPS PA Consulting group Director Nov 2018