Meet the CST


Miss Magee
Director of Safeguarding and Pupil Wellbeing

Prior to this role at the PACT I have gained experience in a variety of child care and education settings. The majority of my career has been spent working in Pastoral departments in local authority mainstream schools in both a primary and secondary capacity.

Having the opportunity to work for Children’s Services with looked after children was an invaluable opportunity which heavily supported my experience and knowledge around behaviour management and child protection.

The key aspects of my current role are to ensure pupils have the ability to reach their full potential, ensuring all pupils needs are met, appropriate provision and interventions are accessible and staff are fully equipped in terms of knowledge, training and development.

The Pastoral department includes teams of Learning Mentors and Lunchtime Supervisors. All school teams are head up by Trust Pastoral Leaders who oversee the overall day-to-day management of pastoral provision.

My passion for this role comes from a need or wish for all children to be given a fair start in life. I believe work place environments thrive when there is a robust senior leadership team that has a clear vision, strong ethics and genuine care for all staff. I also believe that having a child centred approach is fundamental and that parental engagement in school life can often make the biggest difference.

My downtime outside of work is spent either trying out a new martial art, spending time with family and friends or lying somewhere on a pebbled British beach!

I love what I do and feel very privileged to work with the children and families within the PACT community.