Meet the CST


Mr Shotter
Director of Communication and Technology

I am privileged to lead our ICT and Administration departments for the Prince Albert Community Trust.

I joined Prince Albert Primary School in 2002 as a passionate believer that ICT could change children's lives. I believe that through the creative use of technology and effective use of emerging technologies, children can be engaged, switched on and successful in any subject. We must of course ensure that the use of any technologies, whether established or emerging are safe for our pupils and the whole school community and so safeguarding is always at the forefront of our work.

Whilst we can only guess what technologies the children of today will be using in the future, whether it be in their work environment or their personal lives, we must do everything that we can to ensure they have the ICT and Computing skills to adapt and succeed.

I lead an amazing team of dedicated staff, including our Trust Lead for Administration, Trust Lead for ICT and our fantastic administrative staff and highly skilled technical support staff.

We are all committed to the Trust’s vision, ‘United we are World Class’, and the cohesive relationship between the Administration and ICT departments ensures that we are able to fulfil our departmental visions ‘to be the best part of your day’ and to provide ‘ICT excellence for all of our schools’.