Meet the CST


Miss Sage
Director of Partnerships and Marketing

As Director of Partnerships and Marketing I oversee all aspects of marketing and partnership work for Prince Albert Community Trust. This involves working with key stakeholders both internally and externally and can encompass a range of marketing activities from planning campaigns to monitoring the trust digital marketing activities.

Having worked in a range of educational settings for the last 13 years I have extensive experience of working within the sector. With a degree and background in the sport and wellbeing industry my role also encompasses leading the trust P.E and school sport department alongside a team of P.E specialists, sports coaches and sports apprentices.

I passionately believe that through effective collaboration with a range of stakeholders’ schools and educational settings can create excellent opportunities and benefits to deliver the best provision we are able to for our children and communities. Placed at the heart of every community, I believe that schools are best placed to support our future generations in reaching their full potential.