Meet the CST


Mr Douglas
Director of Finance

Since 2016 I have had the privilege of leading the Finance department.

Having worked with many schools across multiple local authorities I have gained much experience in utilising resources to achieve strategic objectives.

I am a fully qualified member of CIPFA and have a passion for economy, efficiency and effectiveness. I believe all public money deserves to be spent in line with all 3 of these attributes. This is particularly the case for our charity as behind the black and white figures is the moral purpose of providing the best possible education to the children entrusted to us.

The PACT finance department has seen significant change in recent years from dealing with rapid growth of the Trust as well as increased requirements from external bodies and ever-increasing scrutiny. Adapting to change is something we have become accustomed to and I am very proud to lead such a dedicated team that continually seek the very best for our trust.