Meet the CST

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Mrs Sherlock-Lewis 
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

I am a mom of five wonderful children and I passionately want the very best for each and every one of them, they are all unique individuals which means no one model suits them all. What I want for them is the same as any parent would want for their child; the very best. The best school, the best teachers, the best opportunities, the best sports coaches, the best dinner staff and the best pastoral care in order to ensure they are happy, safe and successful, today and in the future.

I have worked as a teacher and leader in numerous schools across Birmingham for the last 22 years. Being the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for The Prince Albert Community Trust is an exceptionally privileged position which enables me to strive and achieve for your children what I want for my own. One of Our mantras is “we work this hard because we believe that our schools have to be good enough for our own children…we hope someone will work this hard for our children.”

Key to achieving our PACT vision of “united we are world class” is one of my core principles; developing people. I believe by inspiring and developing staff we will inspire and develop our pupils and so we work extensively to personalise the learning for all. I feel blessed to work with the children, staff, and trustees of the PACT. My role allows me to work with and for all of our schools. Having a strategic overview of their strengths and areas for development, we work tirelessly to support each other across the PACT working in true collaboration.

I am exceptionary excited to be project managing the PA High build. This will enable us to further serve our community and prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain.

We actively seek and positively welcome challenge, feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to see any of our staff, myself, or our feedback section on our websites and help us on our journey. The door is always open.